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Mainland Enterprises Partnership Exchange and Interface Session (2023)

The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (CEDB) in conjunction with the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association (HKCEA) organised the Mainland Enterprises Partnership Exchange and Interface Session on 31 July 2023 to promote closer connection of both state-owned enterprises (SoEs) and Mainland enterprises in Hong Kong with local professional services providers for seizing opportunities arising from the Belt and Road Initiative (B&RI), thereby giving full play to Hong Kong's role as the prime platform for the B&RI.

Upon the resumption of normalcy, this exchange and interface session has returned with more than 170 participants from Mainland and Hong Kong enterprises as well as the professional services sector covering investment and financing, green finance, insurance, architectural and engineering design, accounting, legal and consultancy services, etc.

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Algernon Yau, and the Chairman of the HKCEA, Mr Miao Jianmin, spoke at the opening session. More than 80 Hong Kong enterprises and professional services providers attended the event. Over 140 one-on-one business matching sessions were arranged with representatives from 13 SoEs and Mainland enterprises. Please refer to the link for the rundown (Chinese only).

Details can be found in the press release.